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  • Is my garment washable?
    Yes! Each piece comes with a card containing washing instructions specific to the textile. For most fine textiles, the process is as simple as a brief soak in a basin with a gentle, pH neutral soap. I recommend hanging to dry and a warm iron to remove any creases. Never use soap containing optical brighteners on naturally dyed items, as this will damage the color.
  • Are natural dyes permanent?
    Ecoprint is a permanent form of natural dye, created by a chemical reaction between tannins and pigments in the leaves and the cloth which results in a permanent bond of color to fiber. When background colors are used, they are achieved using only reputable natural dyes which have been time tested and are known to give true, lasting color. Many of these dyes have been used for centuries. The colors derived from ecoprint itself are very stable, however, just like synthetic dyes, some can shift over time depending largely on wash care. Unlike synthetic dyes, this does not always mean fading and in many cases it is an actual color change, particularly where tannins are concerned. For best results, follow the care instructions included with your ecoprinted pieces.
  • Can I place a custom order?
    I take custom orders on a case by case basis, as time and availability of dye plants allow. If you are interested in a custom piece, please read on. Each piece is unique. There are countless variables that factor into the printing process, both seen and unseen, and many of them are out of my control. Just a few of these include the season in which leaves are collected, the specific tree they are collected from, how much water the plant received that year, even the mineral content of the water used during the dye process. With this in mind, there are limitations to what I can offer regarding customs. I cannot, for example, guarantee particular colors. I also cannot promise a replication of another piece. However if what you are after is a particular textile or garment that is not currently on offer, or if you are interested in a piece that uses particular types of leaves, a custom order can be a good option. To place a request for a custom order, please use the contact form to tell me a bit about your desired project.
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