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The forms and colors on these naturally dyed textiles are the result of a process called 'Ecoprint'. Ecoprinting is a form of natural dye in which the pigments and tannins in leaves are transferred directly from leaf to cloth. The resulting designs are beautiful, organic, permanent, and completely unique. 

The process begins with foraging and collecting leaves and occasionally other plant materials such as galls, flowers, or bark. Most of what I gather is windfall, and it all comes from Northwest Oregon. In that way, the textiles are also a portrait of the species, both native and otherwise, that can be found in this place. 

Since this art is meant to be worn, the other component is the textiles themselves. These are of the highest quality available and they are always ethically sourced. Each piece is of unparalleled softness and durability, woven to heirloom standard. Both protein and cellulose fibers are represented, and each has their own personality.


Each piece is made individually. The collected leaves are spread across the textile and bundled before undergoing a process of heat and water. Upon unbundling, the alchemy of the medium is revealed: leaf shapes and colors, all derived from the plant material itself, fixed in time upon the cloth. No additional dyes or inks are used, nor are they needed. As you might imagine, there is little control over the final piece, and because of that no two are the same. The moment of unbundling is for me always one of surprise, delight, and awe. These one of a kind pieces are available for purchase as they are made, and they cannot be replicated. 

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